How to Get an Overweight Dog to Lose Weight


Pet Pav News If your dog  is becoming a bit on the chunky side, it is time for you to try to control your pup’s weight.  It isn’t easy to get your dog to drop weight, especially because you are the one controlling it.  If it were up to your dog, he or she would [...]

How to Stop Your Puppy from Jumping on Your Couch


  My sister has a dog  named Chase who used to jump and sleep on her couch.  When she decided to get new couches, she knew she had to stop this behavior so he wouldn’t ruin the new couch.  She finally got Chase to behave with time and practice.   However, if you train a puppy [...]

Pet Viral Infections


Viruses are microscopic organisms that are naturally present in the environment. Most viruses require a host in order to be able to survive and reproduce and that host could be your pet. Viruses can cause infections in the body by infecting certain types of cells. If your pet has a healthy immune system the viral [...]

Worms and Your Pet


Worms and your Pet Worms are intestinal parasites that can live in your pet’s guts and cause anything from mild infections to fatal problems. Worms can also be passed on to humans and so it is important therefore to keep your pet free from worms and to treat any worm infestations as soon as they [...]