Wildlife in March


March is finally upon us and as the days begin to lengthen  and the spring equinox on the 21st of March the wildlife really begins to flourish with the appearance of daffodils and bulbs such as crocuses. As the soil begins to warm it is the ideal time to start planting box shrubs         and perennials If you have [...]

Wildlife Gardening: February


As the frost begins to settle upon us some more and the evenings begin to stretch it brings the beginning of spring time. The following is a list of different animals you may see out and about in February. Hen Harrier: The Hen Harrier is a typical harrier-shape bird with V-shaped wings. The male is [...]

Badger Facts


Badgers are one of the largest and most distinctive animals. They are nocturnal creatures only coming out at night to play and feed. During winter they will become less active but do not fully hibernate and often stay in their setts when weather is bad. They live in groups of about 6 badgers referred to [...]



Attracting bats to your yard can be an advantage to you and your garden in a number of ways. Do you experience mosquitoes, cut worms, June Beetles, Stink bugs or leaf hoppers in your garden? Before you get out the sprays and chemicals to get rid of them think about this.   Ireland is currently [...]