Gapeworms in Poultry


Gapeworms are a parasite which infects the tracheas of certain birds resulting in the worms obstructing the airway. The worms are also known as red worms or forked worms due to their reddish colour and because the male and female are joined in permanent copulation. They appear like the letter Y. The female is the [...]

Marek’s Disease


Marek’s disease is a Herpes virus infection of chickens, and rarely turkeys in close association with chickens, seen worldwide. From the 1980s and 1990s highly virulent strains have become a problem in North America and Europe. The route of infection is usually respiratory and the disease is highly contagious being spread by infective feather-follicle dander, [...]

Pet Viral Infections


Viruses are microscopic organisms that are naturally present in the environment. Most viruses require a host in order to be able to survive and reproduce and that host could be your pet. Viruses can cause infections in the body by infecting certain types of cells. If your pet has a healthy immune system the viral [...]

Salmonella Virus in Poultry


Salmonella is a virus with is associated with Poultry and other vermin’s. The incidence of various Salmonella species seems to vary with geographic location and the types of food consumed. Imported birds and animals may serve to introduce different Salmonella species to the local area that can cause new and devastating outbreaks. It can spread [...]